Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Welcome to My MUVEnation Experience!

Hi dear friends!

Welcome to My MUVEnation Experience! This blog will be used to share my/our thoughts, ideas and learning experiences in Multi-Users Virtual Environments (MUVEs), especially with MUVEnation.

MUVEnation is an European project co-funded by the European Commission under the 2007 Lifelong Learning programme, under the Comenius - School education sub-programme. The project seeks to develop a European peer learning program for teacher training for the use of “Active learning with Multi-Users Virtual Environments to increase pupils’ motivation and participation in education”.

The main objective of the programme is to develop in-service and future teachers’ competencies and skills so they can contribute by their innovative practice to bring solutions at their scale to increase learners motivation and participation in key fields of common interest in Europe such as the participation of girls in mathematics, science and technology; boys and literacy; the participation in education of children and young adults with disabilities; the combat against dropouts; the cross-fertilisation between informal and formal learning environments; and the smooth and successful transition between school and work.

Therefore the project’s specific objectives are:

  1. To develop inductive-deductive learning experiences, methodologies, materials and tools that will support the ‘intellectual scaffolding’ needed to integrate MUVEs into the classroom by exploring the nexus between ICT, learning and motivation, and application of active learning methodologies (e.g. Buzz groups, affinity groups, solution or critic groups, ‘teach-write-discuss’, critique sessions, role-play, debates, case studies and integrated projects);
  2. To implement technological solutions allowing enhanced online social interaction for the peer learning community of teachers;
  3. To set up a peer learning community of teachers in order to carry out the following activities:
  • To identify and analyse training needs of in-service European educators who are running, or wish to run, educational projects in MUVEs in K-12 and middle and upper secondary education;
  • To collect and document good practices illustrating the use of active learning methodologies with MUVEs to increase pupils motivation and participation in education;
  • To design pedagogical patterns that give a solution for identified pedagogical problems in regard to pupils motivation and education in these new environments;
  • To guarantee the wide dissemination of the project’s deliverables amongst European Higher Education institutions, teachers’ training centres, teachers’ training and teachers’ networks and/or professional communities.

I'm really pleased to be part of such an important project along with talented and well prepared colleagues from all over the world.

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