Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Module 1 - Section 2 - Activity 10

Fashion Show

Hi dear all:

During the last weeks we have been working and playing with our avatars. It's been a very interesting experience. I've been changing my avatar's skins, and now, I'm not afraid of becoming a bald man because I already learnt how to save my avatars.

As a closing for Section 2, a fashion show was designed. We would have to show how much control we had on our avatar (s). the event was held at Emerge last Sunday, Dec. 9. It was the first time I participated in a fashion show. I had to go on the catwalk and show two outfits at a minimun. I was there early trying on different outfits I had chosen before, and I felt fine and secure. But, when the public started to arrive, I became more and more nervous. I guess that's the way it is in RL. Steven played some music to us and the show started. My heart was beating. All ladies were in the changing room and we were paying attention to Paz Lorenz who organized us. It was so exciting, especially when it was my turn.

I had decided to show two outfits, an elegant and sexy red dress and a gorgeous wedding dress. But, unfortunately, since we were many participants we could only show one outfit. Nevertheless, at the end of the show, I changed my red dress by the second outfit, the wedding dress. Tere Short asked me who had designed that dress and I told her that it was an Angel Sanchez's design. Angel is a very famous Venezuelan designer. Since I couldn't passed again by the catwalk to take a snapshot, I came back last night and took the pics I wanted.

After the show, we got relaxed and danced for a while. We really had fun together. I want to take advantage of this space to congratulate Paz and Steven, as well as the organizing team for such a wonderful event. It was a total success! Congrats and thanks!

Here you can see some snapshots. Enjoy them!


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